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Let the work speak for itself.


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POLLARDdesign has created for Nike, NBC Television, Microsoft, Adidas USA, ABC Television, Eddie Bauer, Reebok, The National Football League (NFL), Puma, The National Basketball Association (NBA), Toyota America, Goodwill Industries and many other amazing clients from small start-up companies and “Mom & Pop” shops to globally recognized corporations.

Let your company be the next one we add to our list.


Location   Portland, OR USA
Email   Jeff@POLLARDdesign.com
LinkedIn   www.LinkedIn.com/in/POLLARDdesign
Facebook   www.facebook.com/POLLARDdesign


“Jeff Pollard gets things done, on time, and to the highest professional standards. His work is exemplary and speaks for itself.  Beyond the high quality of his work, Jeff is a easy to work with, he listens, and he is responsive. When someone asks about logo design, POLLARDdesign is the first name that comes to my mind.”

—  Jeremy Bolesky, Leopold Ketel & Partners

“Jeff creates thoughtful, relevant design, and his process is at a standard I have rarely seen.  He cares about his clients which is shown through the work he does. Jeff Pollard sees the world clearly and I trust his judgment.”

—  Charlotte Henry Blauer, Charlotte Blauer Consulting

“Jeff Pollard is a top-quality logo designer. He approaches the process with the utmost consideration, and he brings to each project the full weight of his years of experience creating global brand identities.

We hired POLLARDdesign to create a brand identity, logo, color palette, font and letterhead package for a new company and have to say the result delighted not only our team, but earned applause and respect from our other partners, vendors and associates. Throughout the process, each revision and interaction with him was thoughtful, productive and prompt.

In an age where logos are often commoditized by the Internet and dime-a-dozen designers, POLLARDdesign stands apart as a firm that provides not just a “look and feel” but a truly complete brand identity that will withstand the scrutiny of a competitive business environment and deliver lasting market value.”

—  Isaac Szymanczyk, Nike